Halls safe serial number

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Halls safe serial number

New Location…. You can reach us by phone atbest by email at hallssafe gmail.

Safe Models:

While we offer safes which uniquely display your collections, our first concern is keeping your valuables secure. When considering a safe please ask yourself what it is you are protecting and from whom and what you are protecting your valuables from.

Whether it is guns, coins, jewelry or even private documents, our safes will always keep your valuables secure. Our heavy-duty plate steel safe with an exquisite finish will fully protect your family and business valuables.

We believe the difference is worth the time and effort. We give our customers a quality safe made from the finest plate steel. Size is no problem. If you want a gun safe, you can buy one anywhere. In the spotlight. Discount expires January 31, Mention this ad or print this ad to receive your [more Instagram gunsafe guns safe gunsafety homesafe madeinamerica rifle customsafe handgun vault gunvault hunting pistol.

Raw American Steel!! Only made in America. We build all sizes! Show is open Thursday-Sunday. Come see us for some great deals.January 30, Please bear with me here. I promise, I will explain dialing in this session. But you probably need to read this if you're here because you're trying to dial a safe combination. The percentage of intelligent and literate people who are unable to dial a safe combination without extensive coaching is amazingly high.

I hear from them when they can't get the thing to work after repeated tries. They think of themselves as intelligent beings, so it must be that either the numbers are wrong or the lock is broken.

The hardest thing for most of the people I coach on the phone is to actually listen, hear what I say, and follow my instructions without misinterpreting or altering them. I say the word "to" and they interpret it as "past.

Some people have brains that automatically reword things they hear, and others are consciously or subconsciously dismissive of a series of simple-sounding instructions. Until they try to follow them, that is. The Main Problem Assuming a combination is correct, most combinations that "won't work" aren't being dialed correctly.

He's tried dialing these numbers every possible way for hours without success. He says the lock must be broken.

Hall's Safe and Lock Company's no key-hole combination bank lock

In fact, it often seems that the more educated the frustrated safe dialer is, the more complicated they tend to make the dialing process. Quite often this is because users who were never told how to dial properly over-complicate the process. It's not uncommon for me to visit a customer and be handed combination dialing directions that take up nearly half a sheet sometimes more of prose-covered notebook paper.

No, it's mind-boggling. Most safe combinations can be jotted down in four or five very short lines. They go in descending number of turnsand turning directions alternate with each number.

When people don't understand things, they either make stuff up or they listen to stuff made up by other people who sound as if they know what they're talking about. It's not necessary to spin a safe dial multiple times before dialing in earnest and counting turns. You don't have to do anything to get the lock "in the mood. So remember: There's no such thing as "clearing it. Spinning the Dial Dial spinning doesn't help open the lock; it's like spinning your tires every time you drive away from the curb.

All that does is wear your tires out faster. The same goes for spinning a safe dial to "clear" it. When you do this, you're not "clearing it," you're just helping the lock wear out or break sooner.

Dr Jenkins' Late 1800's HALLS SAFE Full Restoration Reveal

That part is okay with me. However, if you want your lock to have a longer life, just begin counting and paying attention to the number of turns and directions as soon as your hand touches the dial.

Mosler Safe Company

Another activity that ranks right up there in terms of uselessness is the way so many safe users start the opening process by first turning it several times then carefully set the dial at "0" or "" before beginning the dialing process. This is most often done by the same people who spin their dials to "clear" them.

halls safe serial number

People, that lock and dial assembly does not know what number it's set on. These are simply ritualized movements that people who neither understand their locks nor want to have incorporated into their safe opening routines.

halls safe serial number

When I ask people why they do such things, I hear answers like "I dunno. They don't know how spinning "clears" the lock, but that's what they've always heard.The cost of properly uninstalling and removing a very heavy strong room door from a demolition site would itself outweigh the value not to mention that an design would be far below the I wish I could see some of the original doors. Are you sure they where not moved to any other location not even one or two?

I feel that they were simply ornaments for the "looks" of it, but of The original Vaults were originally at the top end of Chancery Lane when built in The main supplier of security equipment was indeed Milner but there were vast extensions added around with Given that the time period when those were made was not know for having a lot of lighting at night, I give it a thumbs for a drink to find the keyholes.

It could have been me standing outside at Yeah, I was also thinking something was off here, because I also noticed the keyhole to be upside down, but I did not think about what you mentioned about the lock being for a left hand door and then I've never seen these before but think you are right about the purpose except for the last one shown again here. I think it has just been mounted upside down. The giveaway is the pin for the Remember Me? What's New?

Halls Safe Co. Researching locks from antiquity to the recent past. Results 1 to 4 of 4. Thread: Halls Safe Co. Join Date Jan Posts 2.

Stop Press:. The special monthly open days have also been postponed during the Coronavirus outbreak.Skip to content. Serial number on the handle is On the inside door it says Halls Patent. Why is it called a Patent Safe? The dimensions are 34Tx22Wx23D. It is a 4 combination safe.

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Would like an idea of the approximate. Thanks for your time. In the mid to late 's there was a strong market for fire proof safes. Obviously there is no such thing as "fire proof", but rather fire resistive.

The reason there was such a big market was cities were growing by leaps and bounds, most of these were built out of wood, with people literally living on top of one another. If a fire broke out by the time the fire brigade arrived on scene generally several blocks were being consumed.

There were several instances of almost whole cities being lost in simialar fires. Each safe manufacture came up with various ideas of making safes as fire "proof" as possible. To keep someone else from copying their ideas they "patented" every change and listed their safes as "patented", which gave them legal recourse against any "copy cat" safe makers.

As far as the weight of the safe, I will need to see it to come up with an approximation. Safes were constructed for different purposes, for instance a standard fire safe, built to keep "heat" out, weight substantially less, than a "bankers model" which might also provide burglary protection. Safes that were used in establishments that might also keep a substantial amount of valuables may also have a jewelers chest, which could easily add lbs to the weight of a similar sized fire resistive safe.

In order to identify, evaluate or appraise your safe, I'm going to need photos. They should include full exterior and interior.Home page. Guy's Special Safes. Safes in Wood Cabinets. Antique Floor Safes. Salesmans Sample Safes. Small personal Safes 1. Small Personal Safes 2. Sell Your Antique Safe. Antique Safe Banks C. Antique Safe Poster Sale. The Antique Safe Collector would like to announce a free new listing service to aid safe collectors sell and buy antique safes.

The criteria to qualify for this free listing is as follows: 1. Safes must be or older. The listing will last for a 30 days or more from the date of initial listing and then will be removed from the site. The Antique Safe Collector strongly suggests that you use this free listing service at your own risk and as always "Let the buyer beware"! This listing service is open to sellers located in the continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii only at this time.

I will post your ad within seven days of receipt of your information.

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Circa late 's Pittsburgh Safe Co. Antique Floor Safe. The safe retains all of its original exterior graphics and interior. It has a working combination lock door with a known combination. The safe has an internal "day door" for daytime security with a working lock and key.

It also has an interior lock box working with a key. Weight is approx. Safe is located in Warwick, RI.

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Contact Phil Tanner ator email ptanner yahoo. The safe has a known working combination lock door with working time lock and original crank handle. Time lock assmbly by Yale and Town. Dimensions are 43"H x 25"W x 24"D.Production from to prior to introduction of modular movement design. Nearly all of their cases had a bright nickel finish and employed a countersunk, pin-hinged door. The door locks were all small 'handcuff' style keys, however, some earlier models did use cut keys that operated a three lever lock.

Around a simple blank key moved a spring-loaded latch. All but a few of the very earliest locks used a full glass door with rounded corners. The few early locks had scalloped corners see first photo above. It also seems that the plating was too thin as many examples have the plating worn away with the base bronze metal case showing through.

The door glass was secured to the door by sliding into a milled slot in the door's interior. The area where the glass slid into the channel was then covered by the door lock panel that completed the glass enclosure.

One cannot buy the thin glass needed from a standard hardware store, but it can be found in cheap, Chinese-made picture frames that will fit into the slot. There are five models that had a different case configuration, an experimental automatic lock, an Ely Norris automatic lock, the Dalton Dual and Triple Guard and the very last model made insee second photo above. Most of the glass was plain, but some were acid-etched with the Consolidated name. There are no known examples of the Hall name etched on door glass.

Other makers had the glass as an insert into a milled channel around the interior door window aperture; either glazed into that channel which was only done by Yale or held by small screwed in tabs as in most other makes. It is far easier to measure and fit standard glass into these types of doors. The first time lock model by Hall's in employed a pair of time lock movements.

These were not independent of each other and were not modular. From the front and top it looks like the movements are split because the front movement plates and platform escapements are separate, but the movement pair is mounted to a single rear plate.

To drive this point home both movements always had the same serial number. The case designs had a solid rectangular window covering the twin platform escapements and the door had scalloped corners see first photo above.

A very few also had porthole type openings in both sides of the case to reveal a specially decorated wheel that had a ring of holes in the wheel rim.

The earliest cases had no engraving, but were a smooth, polished nickel surface. The single rectangular window was soon replaced by a pair of stronger, thick, bevel glass portholes with a decorated bronze bezel. Clearly this was a more expensive design than the single glass and may have been seen as necessary to protect the escapements from explosion.

But this seems hard to believe given that the large glass door had a very thin piece of glass. Case decoration is where Hall's expressed a diversity of design. The porthole bezel was decorated with flowers that had a daisy petal design.

All of these features were highly individualized, it is hard to find two cases that are exactly the same in all design styles. On rare occasions the cases had naive folk art style.

halls safe serial number

These were also often paired with flowering vine designs as well as what would be termed patriotic symbols of a shield with the stars and stripes. It seems that the cases that had this extra decoration are also found with case plating in a better condition; either the plating process was more carefully, done or the locks had been better cared for over the years than those without the art decoration.

These first three photos show typical machine-milled guilloche designs. The third photo shows a common edge design with the fourth photo having the design around the porthole bezel as well as a more unusual edge decoration. All of the porthole bezels had a similar but slightly varying daisy petal design. In this example one sees the depiction of flowering berry vines. Here too this design varies slightly but remains largely the same.

This lock has a folk-art depiction of a twin mast sailboat and on the other side the berry vine design.Skip to content. We've had it sitting outside on our back patio and are now interested in selling it but have no idea of it's value. In order to answer questions, identify, evaluate or appraise your safe, I'm going to need photos. They should include full exterior and interior. Detail photos should include pictures of the dial, handles, hinges, artwork, locks, bolt work, castors, cabinetry and any special details or damage.

If you have a particular detail that you have a question about, I will need a photo of it along with your question.

halls safe serial number

I will also need to see any documentation that you have in regards to your safe. If your safe has a unique historical perspective, you should be able to document this with letters, newspaper articles or photos, if not it is simply a story and will have no bearing on the value of your safe.

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Please use as high a resolution as possible so that I can examine details of your safe. If photos are larger than 2mb each, you may only be able to send two per email, requiring several emails.

Our informal evaluation is at no charge, however if you feel you need a formal evaluation or appraisal for insurance, estate sales, donations for tax write offs, or to establish it as an antique, there is an administrative fee for this service. Board index All times are UTC.


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