Ra rodeo boost pressure

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Ra rodeo boost pressure

Would a 05 dx 3 lt turbo diesel motor fit in my 03 ra 3 lt turbo diesel? Hi, I am looking for a fuel tank sender for a Holden Rodeo 4wd t 3lt diesel double cab. I'm in Brisbane Redlands. Any help? Hi everyone, i have a holden rodeo 3. I have put bigger tyres which i new would make it a little worse but i wasn't expecting that much.

I've tried diesel injector cleaner with the fuel.

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Just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem? I think it switches it to duel fuel injectors. I had a mechanic change the neutral switch in a 5 speed gearbox 4wd diesel he said the switch I supplied was faulty and replaced it with an after market and said it was faulty so put the original switch back in picked the vehicle up and drove home next morning went to reverse found it hard to get into gear got to the highway and could not get into 5th gear could something go wrong when changing the switch the switch I supplied was a genuine part and is burred around the end of the switch have they tightened it up to much.

Hi I've just picked my Ute up manual. I have clutch but no gears. Drive shafts doesn't spin. Is the gear box rooted or could it be something else.

I have Holden rodeo 4wd petrol 3. I have a Holden Rodeo and I can't use my central locking and my car won't turn over. The engine light comes on and flashes. Do you have any suggestions on what it could be? Check battery in remote fob. Buy workshop manual, knowledge is power.

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Disconnect the negative terminal on the battery to do a factory fault reset. When starting the vehicle make sure the engine light goes out before starting, repeat this whenever the light comes back flashing.

I want to replace the tub on an 04 space cab rodeo with a tray.

Put your foot down: How to boost your turbo diesel power

What others years and models are easily interchangeable? To my knowledge same models should have same width chassis rails.

The length of wheel base may vary. Take some measurements and go from there. Google the specs. Hi, I was looking at buying a rodeo with the 3. My rodeo is a diesel withon clock. Petrol engine if it's been looked after I would be happy with around How do I repair a clutch pedal that has lost its spring?

Not sure I understand your question correctly. At a guess I would say the clutch master cylinder needs replacing. Or the clutch itself needs replacing. Have you checked the clutch fluid level? Do you have a small amount of free play in the clutch peddle?This is to help solve the boost drop off seen in the factory setup. I found in my own Mitsubishi NS Pajero that whilst at cruise on the freeway the boost would fluctuate by psi.

When the boost decreased the EGTs increased to around deg Cel. This was traced to the factory vacuum solenoid or the factory emissions control not sure which one bringing down boost to increase the exhaust temps. This is NOT desirable for engine longevity. In the mean time I removed the factory VNT turbo and fitted out aftermarket stage 3 turbo now and this has the more reliable mechanically operated wastegate. No two vehicles are exactly the same and circumstances change for each vehicles however this is what I have found not only in CRD Nissan Patrols but now also in other late model Variable Vane Turbo vehicles that have the vacuum solenoids operating the turbo vanes.

So to cover all bases regarding i recommend the following. You will piggy back or in some cases disconnect the factory boost controller vacuum solenoid and install the Chip Tuning Dawes Valve. The Dawes Valve setup works by simply feeding positive boost into the vacuum side of the VGT vacuum actuator to achieve its set tension. The Dawes Valve System works in a similar way to a Ball Valve, but without the vent hole to release pressure for the waste-gate.

This can be fitted to all cars with Vacuum Controlled Nozzle Actuators. It creates a linear boost curve that is far more predictable than the factory curve.

Clutch rattle when pressed

The bleed valve gives you the ability to change the boost settling. Max safe boost level for these vehicles would be 18PSI. See links below for power and turbo performance both with and without a Dawes Valve fitted to an NS Pajero. This option works well if retaining the EGR. It still allows for boost to fall away under ECU control.

See schematic below for fitment guide. A two stage boost controller can be used which utilises 2x Dawes Valves and an additional Electric Solenoid Valve to achieve two selectable boost levels. High boost is activated via the TPS and a voltage switch. Fitting a Dawes Valve is relatively easy, however a boost gauge and intake manifold pressure supply is needed to set up, monitor and control boost.

To do this, the top of the valve is plumbed to the turbo actuator and the vacuum supply pump. A needle valve is necessary to reduce the rate of spool up if the ECU control solenoid is bypassed. In some cases it may be omitted if the VNT actuator stop limiting screw is adjusted accordingly on the turbocharger. See image below. Setting up will depend on the system being used, but some basic principles should apply.

For full manual control, the Dawes Valve should be set to around 10psi at rpm and the Needle Valve adjusted to give no more than 6psi at rpm. These are safe conservative limits. As RPM and load increases, the Turbocharger will overcome the Dawes Valve and boost levels will rise beyond the initial setting. Ideally, boost should peak to 18psi at rpm and an ideal setting of 16psi at rpm should be achievable. To set up or adjust a manual controller, close the needle valve and start the car warm.

At idle, begin to open the needle valve until the turbo actuator arm drops away from its stop screw position.Remember Me? What's New? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Hi all just wanted to help a mate out, he has a 05 Rodeo with the 4JH1 TD in it Its got a 3 inch exhaust, aftermarket cooler and runs a Safari Dtronic piggy back chip.

ra rodeo boost pressure

Now he went out and bought a Boost Controller, Gauge and EGT sensor with the aim of upping boost on the run to help with towing etc. This is the Dyno graph The top runs are with the chip installed lower runs aren't, dotted lines are boost. The reason for the question is the kw gain all that can be expected from the extra boost. My mate was hoping for a little more. The tuner was stumped he has never seen so little gains. Even on the turbo diesel.

My mate used the tuner I used for the wagon and he is a smart cluey guy. Just looking for experiences of people that have played with Turbo Diesels thanks Stitt. Originally Posted by JustenGT8. Mono blocs mate Also, there is a reasonable chance that the turbo may not be able to push more air either.

I've seen a couple of factory TD's that after the basics were done, they just could not make any more power due to the small factory responsive turbo not supplying any more air as the boost was wound up. Once they changed to a slightly larger turbo, run at the same boost, power was increased.

Check the fuelling as the first point though. Originally Posted by cuzzo. Originally Posted by Bananaman. My advice, get a ford ranger 3. It's a different fuel chemically and needs to be treated differently in regards to air fuel ratios compared to petrol engines.

Perhaps the tuner doesn't fully understand stoichiometric ratio's regarding these engines. Last edited by dangdang; at PM. Originally Posted by dangdang. No fuel means no power. They run smoothly and economically when running lean - up to around 35 and is not that unusual for low load work. Stoic for diesels is around Problem is however, that soot is rediculous, and EGT's are hugely difficult to control.

ra rodeo boost pressure

Drag type trucks will often run their AFR's down around here to try and extract every last pony out of the engine, kicking and screaming.

Most normal diesels I've seen are tuned 'lean' to around 18 to AFR as this seems to be the best compromise between reasonable power, good reliability, fuel consumption, low smoke and controllable EGT's. Originally Posted by fixeruperer.Sign in. Sign in with. Money Back Guarantee Refund in 15 Days. Handling time:2 days. Produced itemDelivery time: days before you ordered,pls contact with us at first. We are not responsible for undeliverable addresses. Return and Exchange:. All sales are final.

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If you accept delivery and then find shipping damage, please save all packaging material and paperwork and contact us immediately. Digital photos will be required for all cases. Defective or Wrong Item Shipped.

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Put your foot down: How to boost your turbo diesel power

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ra rodeo boost pressure

Learn more - opens in a new window or tab.Want more power from your turbo diesel? We look at a few of the most popular methods of getting more out of the loud pedal. Turbo-diesel engines and 4WDs go together like bacon and breakfast. They've been the engine of choice for long distance tourers and weekend adventure seekers alike for decades now, and for a bunch of good reasons. Their reliability and fuel efficiency are generally excellent, and with the new-school computer-controlled common rail injection systems that are an option on every new turbo-diesel 4WD these days, power and driveability have been increased out of sight too.

However, with this new technology you can forget about your old methods of getting more power out of your engine. Throw the steam-pipe manifolds and junkyard turbos away, and forget about winding up the fuel pump until she starts to blow smoke and then backing it off a little. These days, getting more out of your high tech oil-burner may be way more complex in operation, but in reality is easier than ever to achieve.

While stock engines may be putting out more than respectable numbers off the showroom floor, throw on some bigger tyres, a ute tray full of camping gear and a trailer on the hitch and you can run out of puff in short order.

But it's not difficult at all to get any lost power back, plus some extra on top, and fuel economy is often increased too. Sounds too good to be true don't it? When a 4WD manufacturer builds their exhaust systems they have a few things standing in the way of performance.

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The big one is noise, with things like mufflers, diesel particulate filters and catalytic converters all being thrown on to keep things within various countries noise and emission regulations. Then there's the "a penny saved is a penny earned" factor - mild steel, press-bent pipe is cheaper to build than larger diameter mandrel bent stainless steel.

A hundred bucks in material savings per truck can add up to some pretty hefty numbers when you multiply it across the numbers sold globally.

Whatever the reasons, factory exhausts are generally pretty rubbish and an aftermarket replacement is one of the first places most people will stop when searching for increased power and economy.

Y'see exhaust gas travels in pulses. As your engine completes a combustion cycle and the piston pushes the burnt fuel and air out into the exhaust manifold, past the turbo and down into the dump pipe. When you have restrictions like press bends, which flatten the pipe through the radius of the bend, or restrictive mufflers, the exhaust pulses can bottleneck, causing your engine to have to work harder to push them out.

By fitting a proper diameter, mandrel-bent the diameter of the tube stays the same throughout the radius of the bend system with a quality high-flow muffler and catalytic converter, you're eliminating these pressure bottlenecks and allowing the gasses to flow smoothly out of the tailpipe enabling your engine to develop more power. As it's also working more efficiently the economy is often improved too.

So what diameter should you be going for? For most modern turbo-diesels around the 3. For larger capacity engines a 3in pipe may be needed, but really the best bet is to talk to an industry professional to see what'll work best for your particular vehicle and intended usage.

We like to see corrosion resistant materials like stainless hey, we want it to last! Looking for more than what an exhaust on its own can deliver? The next step is to tweak your vehicle's fuel mapping software. When an engine is tuned from the factory, it has to be dialed in to suit the worst possible conditions. So crappy fuel, crappy air quality, and crappy service schedules. Unsurprisingly you end up with a pretty, yep you guessed it, crappy tune. By tweaking certain parameters in the fuel mapping software like injector pulse how long they're held open forrail pressure, injector timing and boost levels to name a few, you can significantly improve both power and economy right across the rev range.

The most popular method of doing this is by fitting an aftermarket performance chip. These work in a variety of ways depending on the brand. Some increase fuel pressure at the rail, so for the amount of time the injector is open more fuel can be delivered to the combustion chamber, some work on injector timing, keeping them open for longer increments, some work on several different parameters at once while others usually cheap no-name brands simply turn the fuel up as high as it goes.I have a RA Rodeo 3.

It has a possible damaged Head Gasket which bars leak or a similar product fixed for 6 months until last week. My mechanic has done the same process but now the water pump is leaking. He has recommended a new motor. Wandering what other options there are and what is the risk of pulling it apart to find i need a second hand or reco motor anyway. I am in need of knowing where my ecu is located in my ra rodeo. If anyone can help, that would be great. Please what's the correct fuel Petrol octane rating for a RA Rodeo 3.

It had a engine rebuild 3 years ago. Any ideas? Randomly when driving slowly eg: Parking, Around corners. It also randomly struggles to accelerate and splutters. But runs basically normal again after leaving it to sit for at least 5 minutes. I have changed all the spark plugs, All the coils, the air filter and the air filter sensor.

It ran better for a while after all of this but again is randomly causing the above problems. It it getting to a point of frustration in not knowing what the source of the problem is? So if anyone has any idea please feel free to offer some advice. Thank you. How to remove fuel pump on a 3. Cheers mate Yep thats what was done, with fill hose removed and raising the chasis.

About a week ago i went down a very rough track and all was fine but a few days later steering has become very tight when cornering.


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